Varsities urged to invest more on Research

Former Chuka University Vice Chancellor Prof  Erastus Njoka ,the Nice Digital City Director Njiru Mkombizi being enlightened by the Agitech Seeing Assistant Production Manager Lydiah  Makokha during the Mt Kenya Exhibition Fair held at the Nice Digital City,Mwea this afternoon.

Institutions of higher learning have been challenged to invest more on research courses and skills-development to reduce the rates of unemployment among the youths in the country.

Former Chuka University vice chancellor Professor Erastus Njoka said it was  important to fund the courses as they are practical-based and would play key roles in sectors such as manufacturing, innovation, agriculture, and entrepreneurship.

  Speaking in Kirinyaga County during Mount Kenya Education Exhibition, Njoka called on players in the education sector to guide students to take up research courses which would enable them to be self-employed and form an efficient workforce in the country.

“Currently the world needs a skilled and competent workforce for self and the country's economic growth. The parents should not force their children into universities if they didn’t attained the required grade but allow them join the technical colleges where they will get better skills”

During the exhibition, students from various secondary schools interacted and got advice on course selection from experts from regional universities and technical colleges.

Prof. Njoka who was the guest speaker  said the tertiary institutions have been  underfunded for a long time  to do research activities hence people think only first world countries were only entitled to do research courses.

"Our local universities were for long not funded owing to such falsehoods that you must go abroad to do research. We do need more funds injected into that crucial department in order to facilitate research of some of the hard pressing issues that affect our communities.” Prof Njoka said .

He further appealed for the integration of entrepreneurship related courses in bid to sharpen skills of the business minded students who are future employers.

The former VC further called for sobriety in the latest conversation surrounding the privatisation of public universities.

 He said the state will get good advice so that the needy students will not be left out because they may not afford to pay the resultant  high fees.

"We have to look at all best practices from all over the world. Generally, universities are funded and I’m sure our president will get the right advice”,he ssid .

Added the  Professor, "It is not good to privatize all universities because that is where many of the students who hail from humble backgrounds go. Let education be affordable and students be allowed to pay that which is reasonable”,’  

Renowned Kirinyaga businessman Charles Njiru Mkombosi  called on more students to pursue business-related courses in a bid to join the entrepreneurship fraternity.

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