V/C storms out of UASU in Kirinyaga

The UASU national officials singing their popular song 'solidarity for ever' outside the Kirinyaga University moments after the institution VC Professor Wambui Ndungu walked  out on them this morning.

There was drama at the Kirinyaga University this morning when the institution’s Vice Chancellor Professor Wambui Ndungu stormed out of a meeting for the top Universities Academic Staff Union (UASU).

Shocked and dismayed Union officials were left with their mouths wide open after Ndungu just stormed out on learning the agenda the trade Unionists had on the table.

The UASU Secretary General Constantine Wasonga and his colleagues addressing  the media outside the Kirinyaga University moments after the VC Professor Wambui  Ndungu stormed   out of their meeting  this morning 

It was the first time  the Union had visited the highly secured institution where even the local media can’t dare venture into.

The Union officials  Led by  their Secretary General Dr Constantine  Wasonga  upon entering the University  gates were led to the reception and later guided to the Board Room .

“As we sat patiently for the VC  come and meet us, we suddenly saw her enter the room fuming  and said she  had no time for us since the matter we wanted to discuss within her was  already being handled internally ,” a shocked Wasonga told the media outside the University later.

A police vehicle from  Kutus police   station near Kirinyaga University the local VC had called in after top UASU  visited the  facility  this morning before professor Wambui Ndungu walked out on the trade unionists this morning.

But even after being told the head office had come over tom resolve pertinent issues the local Chapter and the University could not agree on , Ndungu just stormed out of the meeting and left the officials  with their mouths  agape .

It was the first time  the Unionists had visited the institution since it was  Chattered  and  which is rocked with problems ranging from managerial , wanton suspension of students  to  alleged arrogance and  high  handedness .

Ndungu who was accompanied by her VC told the trade unionists she was busy with other urgent matters as she slummed the door and left them wondering if that’s how she runs the facility.

She had earlier on called in the police from the nearby Kutus Police station to come and eject the trade unionists but the law enforcers came and left on learning there was neither a commotion nor any unrest.

Wasonga  who was also accompanied by the Union Chairperson Dr Grace Nyongesa  said they had come to the rescue of  the  local lecturers following hue and cry for a long time.

A security guard at the Kirinyaga University telling journalists the institution VC  was  too busy for them when they attempted to find out why she had walked out on UASU top officials this  morning.

“It is emerging that our members are overworked, there is no CBA  in place while they are paid Sh 800 per hour for extra teaching while those from outside are paid Sh 2200 hourly ,” the official said.

Added the Trade Unionist “ Our members are also forced to teach five Units while even in private  Universities  the standards set are for three Units  and we have learnt Ndungu now has increased to seven units hence the standoff ,”.

Said Wasonga ,” Now  that  Ndungu has turned a cold shoulder on us , as a Trade Union  we are going to mobilise al our Chapters across the country and come again here but she should never underestimate the people’s power and also understand that this is not(university )  her  provisional  store as she now runs it ,” Wasonga said.

Ndungu made history when upon becoming the  VC  suspended 42 students for four years each who raged from  first years to four years for allegedly boycotting  classes . A few  resumed late last year while majority got wasted .

When the media attempted to get her version f the story as to why she stormed out of UASU officials , the VC  declined through a  security  guard at the main gate .

“Tell them ( media) that  am  too busy with  a meeting for me to see them , “ the  guard identified as only Obed  told  a battery of journalists at the gate .

The university  has remained a no go zone for the  media while its Acting Registrar Wallace Kamau at one time dismissed this reporter wondering if he was a Woman Representative , MP , Senator , MCA or a Governor to seek for any information  concerning  suspension  of the 42 students .

The  VC also cut off a telephone conversation with this reporter at the time when he called to inquire if the matter had been resolved by quipping , ‘what is your interest ‘and she hanged the phone even though it was a matter of  public interest .

Former Kirinyaga Senator Daniel Karaba was also turned away at the entrance when he sought for some audience with  the VC , yet he was  the House Chair for Education at the time.

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