The woman is just too costly - Murang'a

There was drama as Murang’a man walked out of dowry ceremony citing extortion and unnecessary fines. The man of the day had paid Sh 40,000 to cater for food, tents, chairs and a public address system. He had also set aside Sh 60,000  to pay his bride price that the two families agreed on. Muciri was told to add Sh20,000 to the bride price. He was slapped with a Sh10,000 fine for making a detour to the wrong path and ended up into a different homestead instead of the girls’.

Drama, however, ensued when several girls were paraded into the compound covered in lesos from head to toe and Muciri was asked to guess who his fiancée was. He pointed to the wrong woman, leading to yet another fine of Sh15,000.And they demanded Sh 500,000 used on her for school fees.

Fuming with anger, A furious Muciri excused himself to attend the call of nature and slipped out of the ceremony. He switched off his phone and a witness was seen in a matatu headed to Nairobi.

 Efforts to meet reach him at the time of going to press was not fruitful.


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