Residents benefit from a Milk cooler

A section of dairy farmers from Mbiri village , Kirinyaga East Sub-County inspecting a 1000 liter milk cooler Justus Munene Munyi donated to them to improve their activity . Munyi is a Gichugu Parliamentary Independent candidate and hails from the nearby Kanjuu village.

Residents of Mbiri village, Kirinyaga East Sub-County have benefited from a milk cooler an area prominent businessman has donated to them.

The 1000 liter capacity cooler has been handed over to the beneficiaries and placed at a secure building within Mbiri market.

The businessman Justus Munene Munyi while presenting a group of dairy farmers with the equipment said from now henceforth their milk will no longer perish due to lack of a cooler.

Munyi who is also a Gichugu Parliamentary candidate on a Independent ticket said once the cooling plant starts operating the value of the milk will appreciate in response to the market forces.

“This facility will serve as a milk collection center after which it will be cooled  and bought by  a processor who will in turn  transport it to  his plant with ease without  our farmers being burdened ,”he said .

Munyi said the  farmers will no longer be losing their milk as the case has been due to lack of the facility and this in essence will  translate to more money getting into the pockets.

The contender said  the facility will also be fitted to a  solar  power source once operational to  cushion any  power outage that may lead  to having the milk going bad .

“Am more than prepared to move these farmers from this low level of just delivering their milk to this cooler to next level of value addition of their product and earn more money at the same time ,”Munyi said .

He said since processed milk has many by-products, he will soon be providing the processing plant after which more jobs will be created to reduce the worrying unemployment levels.

The beneficiaries of the project are now upbeat that they will from now on increase their catchment area and increase  the volume of the cooled milk leading to more profitability .

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