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Government saves Sh 400 million from Thiba dam
Friday, 10 Jun 2022 00:00 am
The Mountain Times :- We've Got you covered

The Mountain Times :- We've Got you covered

Senior Government officials led by the Director of the Presidential Delivery Unit Andrew Wakahiu  inspecting the filling up process of the   15 million cubic liter water capacity Thiba dam in Kirinyaga County this morning.

The government has saved Sh 400 million from the Sh 8.2 billion meant to complete the Thiba mega dam in Kirinyaga County, it has emerged .

This good news was broken to the public this morning by the Director of the Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU) Andrew Wakahiu while on an inspection tour of the project.

The Director  of the Presidential Delivery Unity Andrew Wakahiu briefing the media after inspecting the now completed Thiba mega dam in Kirinyaga county which is  one of the Jubilee's flagship  projects  this morning.

He said the saving arose from the contractor’s efforts to complete the dam three months ahead of the August deadline when the contract is scheduled to elapse .

Briefing the media after the tour  said the dam  has already  been completed  with the required irrigation water being released when needed  by the Mwea rice farmers .

The official said the sh 400 million saved  from the project will now be channeled to other government projects in the country .

“This is remarkable since  the completion f this dam will not only benefit the Mwea rice  farmers but many more others directly and indirectly since we will now have  two crops a year from the 35,000 acres  that will be under cultivation  translating to 70,000 acres ,while the value of the crop will also double to Sh 19  billion per crop,”he said.

A team of senior government officers  led by the Director of the Presidential Delivery Unit Andrew Wakahiu inspecting the now completed Thiba  dam in Kirinyaga County this morning . It has  8 million cubic liters of captured water so far out of the  maximum 15 million.

He also said  the dam has already captured  8 million cubic liters of water  out of the maximum 15 million since the water source   was closed  two weeks ago when the   filling started  while the remaining 7 million cubic liters will be captured as the need arises.

At the same time constriction of 40 kilometer canals in the irrigation area within the expanded 10,000 acres was in top gear  in preparation for the two  crop season planting .

In total upon compete ion of the canals the scheme will now be producing 100,000 million metric tons of rice while the national demand for the commodity stands at 350,000 metric tons a year .

Added Wakahiu” but in order for the government to continue supporting farmers with many other programs in future  voters  must watch out against certain leaders who are experts in political rhetoric at the expense of development .”

During  the inspection the official was accompanied by two Commissioners from the Public Service Commission Andre w Murithi and Dr Mary Mwiandi who hailed the involvement of local engineers in the construction works of the project.

The team was  taken  on a brief guided  tour by Engineer  Charles Mwasia  on behalf of the client , the National Irrigation Authority (NIA).

Later Wakahiu said  since  the dam was already complete and operational , it will be officially commissioned by President Uhuru Kenyatta before his term ends .