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Madaraka Day
Tuesday, 31 May 2022 21:00 pm
The Mountain Times :- We've Got you covered

The Mountain Times :- We've Got you covered

Some students from St James Kiaritha mixed secondary school dancing out at the Kerugoya stadium during the 59th madaraka day celebrations

As president Uhuru Kenyatta addressed his last Madaraka Day as he exits after his ten year administration ,leaders in Kirinyaga County boycotted the fete at the Kerugoya stadium.

Only the Kerugoya Ward aspirant George Kagori turned up while the rest including area governor Anne Waiguru.

The venue was virtually empty save for school children who occupied the tents in the middle of the venue.

Not even the high table could be fully occupied while those present got bored up after a lengthy delay for the delivery of the presidential speech which was  brought at 2.31 pm.

The area county commissioner Moses Ivuti however apologized to the gathering and promised to read it though at a fast speed .

It was while Ivuti had just read about a quarter of the speech that power went off with his voice unable to echo in the big stadium .

A generator that was being used for  power to the venue  since 9 30am must have overheated after running for all that long while efforts to kick start it were unsuccessful.

This forced Ivuti to read the lengthy speech to himself since his vocal cords could not vibrate to produce any audible sound.

Of interest and worth noting was the conspicuous absence of the entire area county administration  yet this was a national fete.

Not even the outgoing MPs ,NCAs nor woman Rep were in sight . 

Even those aspiring for these positions did not attend the ceremony which forced the Kirinyaga  Central Sub county commissioner Daniel Ndege to keep enquiring if there were any leaders present for recognition and be accorded an opportunity to speak to the gathering .