The Mountain Times :- We've Got you covered
Saturday, 28 May 2022 00:00 am
The Mountain Times :- We've Got you covered

The Mountain Times :- We've Got you covered

Parliamentary Committee member on Trade and Industry Joseph  Ngugi Nduati briefing the media at Mushagara Coffe factory, Kirinyaga East Sub-County on the need to adopt solar coffee bean drying technology yesterday . He is flaked by the society Director Samuel Kirii.

Coffee farmers will soon start ripping big after cutting significantly on the cost of drying the bean on adoption of solar drying technology .

 According to the a farmer   who is familiar  with the technology,  Kirii, it reduces  to a maximum of three in a factory hitherto managed by about 20 such attendants.

Kirii told a Parliamentary Committee on Industry and Trade , solar coffee was the way to  go in the sector.

Since coffee was introduced  in the country farmers use drying tables which are wooden while the drying  takes about a month or so .

Parliamentary Committee Chairman on Trade and Industry Joseph Ngugi Nduati inspecting a traditional coffee drying table at Mushagara Coffe factory Kirinyaga East Sub-County yesterday which will soon be replaced by the cost effective and efficient solar dryiers

The   process , according to  Samuel Kirii , ends  up with dried  coffee beans which have dust , bird droppings  and un-uniformed drying  due to  weather  variations  hence losing quality .

While briefing  his colleagues at Mucagara coffee factory , Kirinyaga East sub –county yesterday in the presence of the committee , Kirii said the technology will usher in the highest  quality beans in the market .

“There will be uniformity in the dried beans, dust free and  also free from any other foreign bodies and impurities which are associated in the traditional drying ,”he said.

Gichugu MP Gichimu Githinji and member of parliamentary Committee on  Industry and  Trade talking to the media at Mushagara Coffe factory after getting a nod from the farmers to push for the adoption of solar powered coffee dryers yesterday.

Kirii  who is also the Director for the Factory which is an affiliate  of the Baragwe Coffee Farmers Cooperative  Society said even the lighting systems for all the factories  should be solar as the sector  gears to going green.

The Committee member Joseph Ngugi Nduati assured the farmers he will ensure their recommendations were fully met as  a means to achieve the ongoing reforms in the sector.

Gichugu MP Gichimu  Githinji who is also  a member of the Committee and host said  the adoption of the technology was overdue  given  the many advantages it has.

He said the system will only occupy a small space, “in fact less than an eight of the entire five acres   factories use to dry their beans “ while the rest will now be put to other economic uses  for the benefit of the farmers .

The Legislator assured  farmers  his Committee will do all it takes to  see the technology was adopted with the government being impressed upon to subsidize on the  initial costs .

The factory  paid the highest rates in the country at Sh 128  per kilogram of cherry , the best ever in the history of the sector  according to Kirii.