The Mountain Times :- We've Got you covered
Stop cashing on my projects, - Waiguru
Saturday, 28 May 2022 00:00 am
The Mountain Times :- We've Got you covered

The Mountain Times :- We've Got you covered

Governor Ann Waiguru addresses the residents  of Ngariama village, Kirinyaga East Sub-County  before presenting various equipment to organized groups in the area which will improve their livelihood  on being put in use yesterday

Kirinyaga Governor Anne  Waiguru has castigated  politicians who are claiming credit on  projects she initiated in the area .

Waiguru cited the 32 kilometer long Kutus- Kianyaga- Kiamutugu – Kithure –Kibugu road which she lobbied even before  being elected the Governor .

“This road had  been in a  pathetic condition since Independence yet there had been leaders before me . Today the road  which has opened up the agricultural area and made  inter county trade proper is  being used by certain politicians to claim credit  they do not merit ,”she said .

Speaking at Ngariama primary school grounds within Kirinyaga East Sub- County, Waiguru told off her competitors she described to as Jonny come late.

She enumerated many development projects her administration had delivered during her tenure of office despite the numerous challenges she has been facing along the way.

“This County has a crop of politicians who only wait to show up during the election period and  their main occupation is to challenge and discredit those in office while they cannot show a cattle dip they helped to put up,”she told a cheering gathering .

A jovial Waiguru also told  some of her opponents to first enroll for  a degree  program  at reputable  Universities  and  later  go for a Master’s Degree before seeking for gubernatorial position they cannot manage.

“ Wewe kwanza pata kabachellor   degree arafu  ufanye ka masters  ndio uwe na uwezo wa kuongoza Kaunti kama hii yet ya Kirinyaga “, akasema.

The first time governor who is defending her seat on  a UDA ticket said her party was the only vehicle  which will deliver Kenyans  out of the deep pits of poverty due to its well-researched and  proven  bottom-up approach . 

The governor who was accompanied by a battery of UDA nominees for  various positions also took issue with the powers that be for using unjustified means  to intimidate  the party brigade.

“I must tell those who are forcing down the throats of our people political parties they do not subscribe  to not to waste  their resources and energies for the die has been cast since the entire county is UDANATED,” she affirmed .

By a show of hands the gathering acknowledged the various development programs she had initiated and completed in the area and promised more once back in office for her second and final   term.         

She also took the opportunity to introduce to the gathering her running  James  Kinyua Mutugi who she had unveiled   earlier in the week and whom locals  acknowledged was the right pick for the job.