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Incestuous father to serve 140 years imprisonment
Thursday, 14 Jan 2021 00:00 am
The Mountain Times :- We've Got you covered

The Mountain Times :- We've Got you covered

An  Akorino sect father who  defiled and impregnated his two teenage daughters at a village in Sagana town has been sentenced  for 140 years imprisonment.

John Gicihira Gichini whom a Baricho  court described as dangerous to  his own daughters and those from the larger community will serve  for 70 years consecutively for the two counts of incest he  pleaded guilty to.

The Baricho law courts  Senior principal Magitrate Antony Mwichigi while sentencing Gichini to 140 years jail term this morning 

He was charged that on diverse days between  June 1  and 31 , 2019 he  had unconsented  sexual act with his 16 year old daughter  WXZ who has since given birth to a seven month old baby .

Gichini who was convicted and sentenced harshly  by the area Senior Resident Magistrate Antony Mwicigi faced a  second similar count which he also pleaded guilty to .

He pleaded that on diverse days between August 1 and 31 , last year while being a father to  the 14 year old  daughter XYZ  and while using force and    death threats defiled her within the family home  in Sagana village .

XYZ , according to records and a reported  produced in court indicated that she is now five months pregnant  with his  unborn baby.

Both WXZ   and XYX had told the investigating officer they would never wish to see their father for ever after consigning them to the laughable situation   in the society.

The court also heard that if the father was released back to the society he would continue to perpetuate his heinous act even to other girls thereby becoming a threat to the entire community.

The mother of the defiled girls speaking to the media outside  the Baricho law courts after her husband was  handed over 140 years jail term this morning  and commended the Judiciary for  resolving  the matter expenditiously  

While sentencing him to the long jail term Mwichigi reminded Gichini he had pleaded to the two serious counts even on being cautioned of the seriousness of the consequences.

The court also heard that the victims  would only feel safe if their father was incaserated  within  the confines of the prison to which  Mwicigi concurred with .

Mwichigi said under the sexual Acts , a person who  committed incest with his underage blood relatives was liable for  a jail term of between 70 to 80 years .

Gichini had earlier on in his mitigation told the court he had been misled by the devil to commit the offence .

“No one has never sinned as   error is to human, “he told the court in his brief mitigation while seeking for forgiveness     from his daughters and the court .

The court further heard how Gichini   fled from the family home after the matter came into the limelight and remained in his hideout until early this month when he switched his phone .

After switching the phone , he traced at Kiritiri area of Mbeere  South Sub- county where detectives who were  tracking his movements  arrested him and brought  him to the Sagana police station before being charged with the two incest counts.

Gichini’s estranged wife who was in court thanked the Judiciary for serving her daughters with  justice .

“By the time this dangerous man completed his 140 years ,my daughters will have healed from the  deep psychological injuries he had inflicted in them ,”she told the media outside the court premised after the  sentence was handed down.

A inside view of the Baricho law court in session this morning when Gichini was sentenced to 140 years after pleading guilty ofv incest with his two teenage daughters

The matter had generated a lot of public interests after the Kirinyaga Woman Representative Wangui Ngirichi and her Uasin Gishu counterpart Gladys Sholei visited  the victims in December  last year where they called on the law enforcing  agents to move fast and arrest  the suspect .

The court  also heard that even the  daughters  have  and will give birth  to will remain traumatized for  ever once they realised  who  sired  them while the victims will live with the shame for the rest of their lives .