The ODM party would lose nationally should it fail to conduct free and fair primaries .

ODM presidential aspirant Jimmy Wanjigi second from left,former Mwea MP Peter Gitau and former Nkubu Civic leader  Nick Burugu when they attended a Sunday service at the AIPCA ,Kutus this morning
Party presidential aspirant Jimmy Wanjigi cautioned the party's election Board to ensure the primaries were not only free and fair but democratic .
" Democracy dictates that the will of the people must prevail during any elections and just like the late doyen of opposition Kenneth Matiba used to that let the people decide this must now prevail within our party " Wanjigi said.
The aspirant spoke to the media this morning moments before he attended a Sunday service at the AIPCA  Kutus town.
He said he was ready to battle it out for the presidency on an ODM ticket alongside other political party contenders come the general elections.
"Time for change has come and we are ready to sweep out all the old crop of leaders who have dominated the national politics .,"the leader said.
He also dismissed the sh 6,000 monthly stiped the party leader was promising millions of jobless Kenyans .
"When we take over the top leadership of this country we will create conducive environment for our people to carry out their day to day activities but not cultivating a dependency culture which would only make our people lazy,"he said.
ODM presidential aspirant Jimmy Wanjigi addressing the media moments before attending a Sunday service at the AIPCA Kutus town  Kirinyaga county this morning.
Accompanied by former Mwea MP Peter Gitau ,the aspirant said since he has all what it takes to become the next country Chief Executive Officer " am now urging Kenyans to accord me all the necessary support to make sure I succeeded President Uhuru Kenyatta whose term is almost over ".
Also accompanying Wanjigi was a former Nkubu Civic leader Nick Burugu who assured the aspirant was free to visit mt Kenya region as many times as he wished to seek for  support.
Former Mwea MP Peter Gitau briefing the press when he accompanied the ODM presidential aspirant Jimmy Wanjigi when they attended a Sunday service at the AIPCA Kutus town Kirinyaga county this morning.
" You are free to visit this vote rich region as many times as you wished since Kenya is a free and democratic country " Burugu said.
Added Wanjigi" my political slogan is fagia wote (sweep all the old guards ) and true to this I dare them to interfere with our party nominations" 

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