I have a handsome husband, Waiguru

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has told her political nemesis she has a handsome  husband but  has never  used him to further her political campaigns .

Waiguru told off her competitor Wangui  Ngiricho  to campaign for herself and not bring on fold her husband Andrew  Ngirichi .

“ You elected me your governor and not my husband Kamotho Waiganjo who is not only handsome , well education and well-endowed  hence I have never involved  him in my day to day political activities  like my rival does ,”the governor said.

Speaking at the  CCS , Wanguru   after she disbursing a Sh 125.6 million cheques  to the needy children in the county , Waiguru wondered why Wangui was  always  accompanied by  her husband as though   he was the elected Woman Representative for the county .

Waiguru said her rival should  not be using her husband in her political campaigns  and face her one on one like a  woman .

Andre Ngirici who is a local businessman has not been seeing Waiguru eye to eye   soon after the 2017 general elections .

He has constantly campaigned for his wife and does not shy away from doing so all over the county .

Yesterday  Wangi said she does not see anything wrong in being boosted and supported politically by her husband .

“I do not see anything wrong with my husband campaign for me and since  he is mine that’s why he  is standing  on this  podium with me today, “she told a  meeting  at Thiba village ,Mwea .

 Ngirici vowed to continue supporting and campaigning for his wife to the hilt until she accomplished her mission to  wrestle the gubernatorial seat from  Waiguru come next year’s general elections .

“Wangui is my wife and am her ardent supporter which Waguru should bear in mind as she prepares to exit from the gubernatorial seat  for the new governor ,”Ngirici said.

 Waiguru and the Ngirici’s are embroiled in  bitter political wrangles over the now coveted gubernatorial seat .

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