Waiguru headed to UDA

From left Governor Anne Waiguru and the Krinyaga Assembly Majority Leader Kamau Muramgo (center )at  Thiba village , Mwea where the governor announced she was ready to join UDA  which the locals preferer against   the Jubilee

After several months of guessing which vehicle Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru will use to defend  her seat come the general elections it has  now emerged UDA it is .

This afternoon while commissioning various development projects at Thiba Ward ,Mwea ,Waiguru was asked by the Kirinyaga Assembly Majority Leader  Kamau Murango to make  public o which political  party she will be defending her  seat on due to the growing public anxiety .

 The gathering outside  the Thiba Anglican church shouted back  at Murango  that the ticket  they want Waiguru to run on was nothing  short of UDA .

“Ati  mnataka nipiganie  kiti changu kwa tikikiti gani wakati wa uchanguzi ujao ?” she posed to which the highly charged crowd responded  UDA.

It was at that juncture that Waiguru bowed to the public pressure and assured the gathering since  they were her  bosses, she would  go by their terms.

The huge gathering at Thiba village , Mwea which demanded  that Waiguru should decamp from Jubilee and join the now euphoric UDA if she wishes to be re-elected next year 

“Nikiingia UDA mtanirudisha kitini ?‘’, (if i joined UDA will  you re-elect me    as your governor ?’’   she posed   to  which the answer was in the affirmative.

A while ago Waiguru has been publicly saying she will join the party the  local residents wanted her to join and  defend her seat  on .

While  hosting the Wiper  Leader Kalonzo  Musyoka at her Kagio  town  residence last week ,Waiguru said she was still consulting widely  with  her voters on which way to go .

“Once my people tell me which party  they wanted to be to  join as a vehicle  to defend  my seat on , then I will have to  obey and respect their decision since they are my bosses ,”she told Musyoka  during the  visit .

Murango on his part told Waiguru that there was increasing anxiety amongst the voters since she was yet to declare which party she was joining.

“In order to end this  anxiety  am appealing to you to declare before this gathering if you are ready and willing to join UDA which the majority of pour people subscribes to ,”Murango said to which Waiguru responded that she was ready to abide by their (voters)terms .

Already the local Woman Representative Wangui Ngirici has entrenched herself in UDA and has also declared her intent to dethrone Waiguru, come the general elections .

The party associated with the  DP William Ruto has gained popularity in My Kenya region such that anyone wishing yo vie for elective position must join it.

“UDA has created an euphoria that can only be equated with the DP in Mt  Kenya  region   when Mwai Kibaki was its Leader ,” said  Antonio Kariuki, a local political commentator .

As the matter   stands now , UDA has become the most popular party hence the new development in the  Kirinyaga politics which has seen Waiguru declare her intent to decamp from the Jubilee as  demanded by the people .

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