New tea factory directors take over leadership

The  new Ndima tea factory directors moments after taking over the running of the facility this morning having been elected last Saturday in accordance with the  ongoing reforms.

All the  newly elected  tea factory Directors within Zone  Five have taken over the leadership in the facilities .

The directors who were elected last Saturday took over the mantle this morning without any resistance from either  the KTDA management or the ousted leaders.

The  factories within the zone include  Ndimaini, Mununga, Kangaita , Kimunye and Thumaita  .

At Ndimaini, the new directors were accorded a warm reception by the  factory manager and taken    round  the facility .

After the take over the directors expressed gratitude to the former  directors for allowing a smooth transition in accordance with the ongoing  tea reforms in the multibillion sector .

Speaking to the media within the factory  premises later the  new facility vice chairman Muchiri Wachira said  his  team will put into place new strategies as per the ongoing government driven reforms.

He said the team will be accountable  right from the marketing  ,until   the  farmer received his or her dues .

“We want the growers to  be receiving their rightful dues by ensuring  the weighing , transportation of the green leafs and  processing up to the marketing  were conducted in the most transparent manner unlike before when this  process was surrounded  with mystery ,”he said.

The official also said the new team will request the government to  provide the farmers with quality and subsidised farm inputs ,which if implemented will highly reduce the productions costs.

The Ndima tea factory chairman John Mithamo wa Susana addressing the media  within the factory premises after his team took over the facility  this morning.

Added the official “we will also ensure that all tea buying centers were   provided with well calibrated weighing machines  and strict measures will be enforced to ensure no  one tampered with the gadgets,”.

The factory chairman  John Mithamo  wa Susana who made a  dramatic entry back into the tea sector leadership last Saturday after  he was forcibly ejected some years back  promised to start delivering the services  as  per the new reforms .

“As a new team which is fully committed to the reforms , we are going to ensure that  the process was implemented to the letter as per the prescribed guidelines  by the government,” he said.

It was  the same in all the other four factories within the zone while farmers have appreciated  the changes .

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