Love triangle leaves teacher seriously injured

The hot trainee teacher who is on a teaching practice at Karoti Girls Secondary School in Kirinyaga County said to have caused a bloody fight by two male colleagues on Tuesday morning during a tea break within the staffroom

A love triangle involving  three secondary school teachers has left one of them critically injured in Kirinyaga County.

During the Tuesday morning tea break a male teacher was attacked by his colleague inside the school staff room as  he was seated  preparing a Biology exam for his class .

Highly impeccable sources close to this girls school said assailant walked from the car park armed with a sharp panga hidden in his coat.

The  panga he used  attack the teacher was hidden in  the car , and immediately on entering the  staff room , he stood there monitoring as the other colleagues started  to clear .

“Inside the staff room only  one teacher and the victim were left which made  the attacker get a field  day for his mission ,” a source told the Mt Kenya News this  morning .

The said assailant from the Kamba  nation  then brandished his  sharp panga and struck the victim twice on the head.

A teacher from Karoti Girls High  school  bleeds  profusely after he was allegedly attacked by his panga wielding collague over a beatifuly tranee female teacher in a love triangle.

The other teacher  was reported to have  stormed  out of the staffroom screaming for help as the victim fell  down with blood gushing from the head .

The assailant it was further revealed that the assailant then fled from the school compound and threw away the weapon he had used to attack the colleague over he said cute and  lovely  woman from Embu  County .

The woman who is on her teaching practice from Kenyatta University has since  been  ordered out of the school.

Meanwhile the assailant after throwing away the panga the n flagged  a boda boda rider which he instructed to drop him at the  local Chiefs office at the nearby Kimbimbi market.

The said assailant's portrait

The chief then immediately on learning of the incident put the teacher in and  later drove him to Wanguru police  station where he is being awaiting prosecution.

The  critically injured  colleague  was rushed to  Kimbimbi Sub- County hospital where  some first aid was  administered on him .

He was later transferred  transferred to a private hospital in Ngurubani town  where he is still undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile  counseling is ongoing   for the students who had never witnessed such  an incident  within their life  time.

A photo of the teacher trainee at Karoti girls secondary school in Kirinyaga County who is inthe centre of a bitter fight between two high school teachers.

The students who heard the wild screams from victim said to be from Kisii land have to continue being counseled   while tension is slowly fading away .

A  source from the  school  said in his long service  he had never witnessed such a bloody incident over ,love triangle.

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