LBGTQ is satanic – Clergy

Kirinyaga County Clergy Forum Patron Apostle Francis Wanderi addressing the media at the People's Church , Kerugoya town over the contraversial LBTGQ debate

A section of the Clergy in Kirinyaga County have described the association of gays and lesbians (LBGTQ)as not only satanic but un- African .

The Priests also told  the West to keep the LBTGQ to themselves and stop  imposing outdated cultural  and traditions  which have no place in the African continent .

The Priests  who fall under the Kirinyaga County Clergy Forum also took issue    with the recent Supreme  Court ruling that allowed the registration  of the association for  the  LGBTQ in the country .

Through the  Forum Chairman Apostle Francis Wanderi the church leaders claimed the West ws on a mission  to wipe out the African population through same sex marriage.

“When a man marries another man or a woman marries another one it means no more  reproduction  since same  marriage can never have the ‘couple’ give birth ,hence the process will  eventually see the end of the African race ,”Wanderi said.

The men of cloth urged the supreme court to revoke its ruling and make it a nullity for the good of the Kenyan  nation .

Wanderi also asked all Kenyans  to gang against this evil movement lest the country would  be cursed and get burnt down like it  happening in Sodom and Gomorra  .

The movement he added which targets the youth should be admonished and condemned in the strongest  terms possible and those engaging in the unnatural act cast away from the   society like demons.

A section of the Kirinyaga County Clergy Forum when they issued a joint press statement over their stand in the contraversial LBTGQ debate . The termed the move to register the movement as satanic and un-African.

“With  all due respect how can  anyone in his  true sense of mind engage in homosexuality or lesbianism in case of women against the order of nature ?. This is not only demonic but satanic  and we urge school children even those at the Universities to avoid LBTGQ  like plague ,”he said .

He reminded kenyans that  during the creation God made Adam and then Eve  and told  them to go and  multiply and fill the world .

“Now who is this  coming through the back door defying God’s command and telling the people to practice LBTGQ against the order of nature ,?” quipped      the Apostle ..

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