Killing of Al Jazeera scribe immoral

The  killing  of an Al Jazeera Journalist by Israel soldiers yesterday while on official assignment is a perfection of apartheid  by the Israel State .

The scribe  Shireen Abu who was shot right on the face  by an  Israel marksman  died on the spot as her colleague scampered to safety to avoid a hail of bullets .

Shireen, a  Veteran Journalist  was fully dressed in a bullet proof jacket and a marked helmet as is the prescribed code  in such a circumstance .

But she  was a marked person by the Israel soldiers for her consistence in bringing out the atrocities being committed against Palestinians .

She died    face down at  the edge  of  a section of a road in a pool of blood as the perpetrators continued with their crack down on innocent Palestinians with sophisticated weapons .

As a Media House we condemn  the killing of Comrade  Shireen  in the strongest terms possible and at the same time urge the World to reject  the explanation the Israelites are  offering that it was armed Palestinian terrorists  who  shot her dead.

Israel is known to be practicing apartheid and this should never be condoned let alone be  entertained in the modern World.

How can you kill a messenger and more so a WOMAN Journalist who was not armed  except her CAMERA MICROPHONE no matter what ?

The State of Israel must and should be  classified and categorised in the list of other countries which do not respect Human Rights and have no regard to Journalists .

We call upon for the World to exert pressure on Israel just as is being done   to  Russia over Ukraine  invasion .

Journalists surround the body of Shireen Abu Akleh, a journalist for Al Jazeera network, into the morgue inside the Hospital in the West Bank town of Jenin, Wednesday, May 11

Nations must also understand and know   that Journalism is not a   crime

Israel should live and let live.

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