Keep off from school land – DCI is told

Kirinyaga County Woman Rep Njeri Maina addressing the media outside a  Kagumo town church yesterday where she launched a 90 day campaign against gender based violence ,mental health awareness and drug abuse

The Kirinyaga East Sub-County DCI has been told to keep off  from interfering with the ongoing raw  involving Ngiriambu Primary school land  and a family .

Sounding the warning, Kirinyaga Woman Representative Njeri  Maina  also told the same officer to stop harassing  and intimidating the school teachers and  the   management committee .

The leader further  reminded the officer that the matter  in question was purely Civil and wondered why he was using his office to fight an  imaginary crime.

Kirinyaga Woman Rep Njeri Maina and several of her colleagues from other  counties in a walk to mark the  launch of a 90 day anti anti BVC ,mental health awareness and Drug abuse campaign  in Kagumo town yesterday 

“The matter is already before the Kerugoya Environment and Land Court (ELC)  and if this officer is new he should have consulted his predecessor for proper briefing on the state of this issue ,”  Ms Maina said .

There has been an acrimony between the school  and a family claiming the land was theirs    and using   the DCI to try to take over the property where the public  school has been for many years.

It was said the then Kirinyaga County Council took over the land from the  claimants  and allocated it to the local community for the establishment of the public school.

The family is reported to have used  land brokers and successfully obtained  the land tittle deed after a succession cause leading to the acrimony to take over the  land .

Kisii  Woman Rep Dorice Donyo speaking to  the media  at Kagumo town church ,  where she had joined her local colleague Njeri Maina in the launch of a 90 day anti early marriage drug abuse and mental health campaigns targeting youths in the area .

Ms Maina  while briefing the media  at   a Kagumo town church yesterday assured the school parents , the children and the teachers  of her full support until the matter was heard and determined by the ELC.

“This being the case am warning the DCI  to keep off from this matter and he/she should  know that am an officer of the High Court and ready to defend  this public interest at all costs ,”she said.

The Legislator spoke to the media  moments after she launched  a  90  action plan(campaign) to deal  with Gender Based  Violence , Drug abuse  and Mental Health awareness for the County .

The launch was also  attended by several Legislators who included Kisii Woman Rep Doris  Donya , her Embu  Counterpart   Njoki  Njeru , Nandi’s  Cynthia   Muge ,Mathira Legislator Eric Wamumbi and some  local MCAs led by Kinyua Wangui of Mutira Ward where the launch took place.

The   legislators  present both County and National Assemblies  condemned a  recent move by the Supreme Court to allow the registration of same sex associations contrary to the order of nature.

Donyo who  is passionate about  natural marriage wondered how a same sex union could work and to the amusement of the gathering asked two men and two  women to hug tightly and report back their experiences.

The men reported there was nothing they experienced since they were like poles  and the women reported the same experience since even scientifically ,like poles  repel were unlike poles attract each other .

But  when she asked man to woman tight hugging  as the gathering watched the ‘couples’ reported  an intimate  moment which is only enjoyable  when two opposite sexes were involved .

The Legislators vowed to fight the matter which was  only un natural, un African culture but also ungodly .

Kerugoya Ward  MCA Eric Muchina said the  LBTQI group should be treated the  Uganda way where  local President  Yoweri Museveni said he would only allow the move if  two men were locked  in prison in one room and came out with a bouncing baby .

The gathering at Kagumo during the launch comprised of secondary school children unemployed   youths  youthful fathers and mothers and the various stake holders who were expected to  start spreading  the anti-drug abuse campaigns , metal health awareness  and early marriages for young girls besides  FGM  within the  stipulated  period and beyond  until these vices were eradicated from the society.

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