The Gathuthini Foundation Chairman Karanja Kibicho after addressing parents and teachers of both Gathuthini Primary and Secondary schools yesterday over reported increase of indiscipline amongst the children
Concerns  have been raised over the rising ugly incidents of indiscipline at Gathuthini Primary and Secondary schools in Kirinyaga County.
The level of indiscipline has consequently compelled members of Gathuthini Foundation to convene an emergency meeting to  address the vice .
It has emerged that some parents whose children have been involved in the said indiscipline activities have  filed criminal charges against teachers who dare punish their offsprings .
Some parents are also said to have filled complaints against teachers with Kirinyaga West Sub_County Director of Education .
Conseqyntly the Foundation has threatened to withdraw it's good will support from the two schools unless patents and their affected children agreed to shape up.
Foundation Chairman Karanja  Kibicho while presiding over the emergency meeting yesterday warned that schools would not be run by police officers.
"We can not allow some parents whose children are indisciplined to use the police to intimidate our teachers," he warned.
A visibly irritatedKibicho reprimanded a parent who had filed a complaint against the school Principal and later to the police yet there was still a wide avenue to resolve the matter urgently and amicably.
"Am particularly disturbed by the conduct of this parent since he knows very well that am a resident of this area and always available yet he chose to ignore me and took the police path which only heightened the animosity between the child,teacher and the parent at the expense of provision of education," he stated.
 He said after the meeting it was clear from the stake holders that a big number of childrren both in primary and secondary school were engaged in drug abuse and other related criminal activities .
Gathuthini Foundation Chairman Karanja Kibicho briefing the media after a day long meeting with stake holders over the rising incidents of indiscipline amongst children in both are primarily and secondary school
Added Kibicho " more shocking is the revelation that incest was also prevailing amongst some parents and their children".
"What kind of a society are we bringing up if all these social upheavals  are associated with our two sister schools?" he wondered .
He also decried the conduct of some parents who have abdicated their parental roles at the expense of their children.
"As parents you must be able to monitor the conduct of your children at all times for any notable deviation from normal and interrogate it instantly without waiting for the teachers to do it when the situation is already out of hand " he said.
The Foundation was equally concerned with the declining standards of education especially the national examination results .
Early pregnancies on the side of female students was also cited as having contributed to poor performance in the class works and national examinations .
Kibicho who is also the Interior Principal Secretary ordered for the immediate formation of a dispute resolution committee which will be handling indiscipline cases which arise in the two institutions instead of using the police. 
Both schools have been provided with the state of the arts facilities by the Foundation on realising the urgent need  for the children to have them and complete with those in better schools and good backgrounds .
As the matter stands now  Foundation was likely to pull out it's support unless the key players shaped up .

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