Hue and cry for over a year comes to an end

Following hue and  cry for over a year by motorists in Kirinyaga county over unexplained breaking into their parked vehicles  at  last  a prime   suspect has been arrested.

The suspect was arrested at about 3 pm outside a parking bay at a popular joint in Kutus town yesterday.

His three other accomplishes however managed to escape in a getaway car they had parked parrarel   to the one they vandalised.

A butchery attendant spotted the dare devils breaking into a sleek BMW car owned by a local Business Executive who had stopped by for a bite and  raised  an alarm.

The shocked worker on witnessing the thieves breaking into the vehicle’s back right door shouted loudly attracting the attention of passersby who rushed ti the scene and managed to capture the suspect .

The  suspect had slackened  and got left behind by his three accomplishes who drove off at a terrific speed even as he disowned them to the amusement of his captors  .

He claimed  to have been in the  vicinity tracing his long time fried but the captors rained  blows and kicks following  by hot facial slaps until he yielded a confession .

He confessed that he was a member of the gang that breaks into parked vehicles    to steal money and valuables especially lap tops and Television Cameras  belonging  local media people  and confirmed he hailed  from Muranga   County .

The hefty suspect was lucky to escape death by a whisker  after police  arrived at the  scene  just on time as a lynching ritual was  underway .

He was whisked  away to a nearby Kutus police station for further interrogation  while  a man hunt was launched instantly for the  three  who escaped after he disclosed their identities  and the vehicle registration number they were using including other sensitive details that will lead to their arrest .

Moments later a victim XYZ  confirmed he lost   Sh300,000 he had just withdrawn from a bank in Kerugoya town after  parking his vehicle at the same spot last Tuesday .

Another victim , lady narrated  how the  gang broke into her car and stole Sh 850,000 she had withdrawn from yet another bank in Kerugoya   town  under similar circumstances.

It has been feared there could be some bank employees from the two said banks who might be colluding with the criminals to disclose those  who make huge money withdrawals , a matter investigators should look into the victims confided to the Mountain Times this evening .

Police are said to be moving in top gear to bring the escapees to book and also bring  to a dead end the syndicate as more victims come out to disclose their nightmares after the experiences .

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