Disrespectful MCA removed from Assembly Committees

Kirinyaga County Assembly Majority leader Murithi Kibinga announcing the removal of alleged rebel MCAs from various Assembly Committees for being disrespectful to their colleagues at a late afternoon media briefing

Kirinyaga County Assembly Majority Leader Murithi Kibinga has finally confirmed why several MCAs have been removed from various Committees .

He told  the Media the concerned MCAs had  become disrespectful to their colleagues and as such could neither  chair nor deputize any of the Assembly Committees.

“We have not removed  them from being members of these Committees but we have removed them  from being   either chairs nor Vice Chairs,”Kibinga told the media.

He however  maintained  the entire Assembly was united  under the guidance and leadership of the Speaker  Muteti  Murimi.

Kibinga claimed the said MCAs had accosted one of their colleagues at Kagio market and hurled insults at him in front of hawkers and traders .

He added that the same clique had gone ahead to incite traders to stay put within the parking bays at the town (Kagio) where they had been relocated after the outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic in 2019 .

“Why on earth would an MCA incite traders to defy an order from the County Government Administration not to go back to the market from where they operated before the pandemic now that it’s over ?”Kibinga wondered.

Earlier on there were claims that the move by the Assembly Leadership to remove the MCs from the committees was because they had attended a function presided over by the County Woman Representative Njeri Maina  at Kagumo market two weeks ago.

But Kibinga vehemently denied this theory insisting this was just  a mare skip goat since the Woman Rep is a leader for the entire County .

Interestingly Caroline Murithi , Kinyua Wangui and David Mathenge who served during Governor Waiguru’s first term were among those removed from the Committee’s leadership  and attended  the Kagumo function.

Also removed was a  second term nominated  MCA Daisy Githinji said to have  joined the band wagon and hails from Kabare Ward  of Kirinyaga East Sub-County while senior local politician is said to be behind  the claimed incitement maneuvers .

Murithi served as a nominated MCA during the period  and as a nominated Civic Leader just before Devolution while Wangui  and Mathenge have served  as MCAs since 2013 .

Also removed was the vocal Inoe Ward MCA Eric Muchina  said to be a hardliner and silent critic of the County Administration.

The concerned MCAs are yet to state their  stand on the matter while local residents have expressed disappointments over the unfortunate development even before a year is over since the general elections were held .

Kibinga on the other hand is a first timer MCA  for Ngariama Ward and a son of a Preacher man  Rev  Mbungu (Rtd), of the Anglican Faith.

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