Clandestine maneuver in the offing over tea sector

An elaborate clandestine maneuver by the former KTDA Directors is in the offing to roll back the gains realised in the tea sector so far.

The disgraced directors are reportedly using underground tricks to incite the farmers to stop picking their crop which would adversely affect the sector.

Consequently the farmers  are warning  the clique  to keep off the sector  it had massively exploited  for many years and let the new team that came in  last years to discharge its mandate .

According to a Committee Member for the Ndimaini tea factory  Christine  Nyawira , the reforms which the government instituted  from April  last year have already started bearing fruit .

“The clique of the directors which was voted out by the farmers is now claiming that our democratically elected team should leave office as it came in during the just ended Jubilee Administration but we are telling them to tread carefully and keep  off from the sector as they had  had their messy time ,”Nyawira said.

Mithamo wa Susana  who doubles as Ndima factory chairman and a Kirinyaga County board member has been  fought for the farmers rights for many years said no one should  stir the tea sector under the guise  that the new team was not supportive of the UDA regime .

“The truth of the matter is that  our Board is in full support of the  Dr William Ruto /Rigathi Gachague administration  which we overwhelmingly  voted for and anyone trying to  drive  a  wedge   between the tea sector leadership  and the current regime is just on a wild goose chase , “wa Susana  said.

Another farmers Joseph Wamutitu claimed the disgraced directors wanted to disrupt the sector on realising that what they were benefiting from was no more.

“These people want to make a comeback to the sector because a mouth  that has sucked never forgets easily the taste of milk  but  how mistaken they are ,!,” he said.

Farmers have since vowed  to reject and resist any retrogressive move  which can roll back the gains made so far in the ongoing tea reforms .

Wa Susana is  also the Zone Five  KTDA board member  which comprises  of Ndimaini ,Kangaita , Mununga , Kimunye  and Thumaita tea factories and has immense knowledge in the sector having been born and  brought up  in a tea growing family.

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